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We enjoy taking average, everyday people from beneath the thresh hold of debt, into financial liberty by the power of a 1% choice to never barrow again, and to be in a place to live in control of their investment of time, and energy, by free classes in our G Logic system.


Enjoy the free education and turn keys systems we have procured for you. Also enjoy paying it forward for people who need free education.

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To whom it may concern: All of the claims made in our website, G Logic system, Library, Turn Keys Systems and our Charitable Donation Foundation are provided evidence for in the Lincoln Presidential Library and are available upon request. We DO NOT claim, guarantee, promise nor take responsibility for the outcome of our work, and that our work, or manner of service, or claims will work for you as evident in our success. They are subject to individual procurement, adherence to said principles and subject to fallible results, if those materials are not utilized in without zero compromise, and subject to individual taste, application, and desired results.

Anyone willing to challenge these claims must find they are challenging themselves first by asking the question held up in creditable law: Do you believe these principles yourself, and can you give credible witness to these principles, and do you practice them as well? All parties willing to challenge these claims must first ask these questions, and then study all content provided in the library, and the reference material in the Presidential Lincoln Library before submitting claims against our organization, only then will we consider representing our claims.

Persons seeking to defame or fraudulently subvert our organization will be held liable for fines, fees, or imprisonment up to seven fold the original claims against our organization without waiver, upheld by the seated position of our creditor, accountant, and attorney, Adoni himself. Thank you for your commitment to understand this.