By embracing the inheritance of perfection within each individual, we thresh the floor of harvest by reaping what people possess as strengths, and creating a presence of care to forget what does not work, rendering our weaknesses as non existent. Not to be blind to peoples needs for mentoring; but not empowering what does not resound from ones core identity.


Tav Bevan is a multi talented investor, media director for Axis Media, and online mentor. With over 20 Year in the the digital field. He has procured a 140K self funded digital studio in 2009, and a 10 Billion dollar 5G Network.


Jessica is a schooled and trained Art Curator with an Eye for Middle Eastern Art and the Love and Passion to share these rare glimpses into antiquity. Coming from her Father's Heart who trained her well to travel internationally; she now has a $128K in rare Middle Eastern Art revealed to our gallery exhibit coming soon, and over $1.2 MM to provide Loveland's CO growing art scene.


Abigail is a multi-talented linguist. She understands deeply the needs of the poor and has a heart of an accountant. She brings a full season of career handling as a model and now treasured guest with Bevan Holdings. She offers excellent customer handling, and a variety of personal skills to develop partner relationships.

Enjoy the free education and turn keys systems we have procured for you. Also enjoy paying it forward for people who need free education.

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